FitFlick & Tennis – Part 7

FitFlick and Tennis.jpg

This is our seventh blog post in a special series where we share what FitFlick is and how you can use the app when we launch. This week we’re talking about FitFlick and Tennis!

This is a special blog for myself, as one of the reasons I’m motivated to work on the FitFlick team is to hopefully use the app (very soon) to find Tennis buddies near me. So, whats the Problem – Solution I’m talking about here. Let’s start with the problem, one which I’ve faced many times.

So, I like tennis, you like tennis, that’s why you’re probably reading this blog post, but can we honestly say we get enough game time in to satisfy our love for the sport? I admit I do not, despite a passion for the game. Why don’t I get enough practice in? For me, it’s a mix of factors, but the biggest is the fact that as a 24-year old I’ve moved around a lot, between college, work, finding new digs etc. This has led to me moving to foreign surroundings or new cities and not knowing where my nearest courts are or who plays there, or the opening times, the local tennis club game nights and more. If you play tennis in Ireland you’ve definitely had a similar issue. We rely hugely on word of mouth to discover these things and in this day and age, shouldn’t there be a simpler way to find a “tennis local” to show you around, share their local tennis insights on the best nights to play or where to play? Or even organize a game with this local or to find a new tennis buddy to practice with? That’s the dream and the problems here are what we’re trying to solve with the FitFlick App.

So, we’ve spoken about the problems we face, now for a solution – The FitFlick App. Our goal with FitFlick is simple, connect people who share mutual health and fitness interests. In this case, we’re talking about tennis. As tennis isn’t a single player game unless you just want to practice your serves all day, at some stage you’re going to need a tennis buddy to practice and play a few sets with. This is where you’ll be able to use the FitFlick app to find someone in your area that shares the same passion for tennis as you do. Getting started on the app will be as simple as:

  1. Downloading the FitFlick app from the iOS or Play Store.
  2. Sign-up through Facebook
  3. Set up your profile and Fitness Interests…. #Tennis
  4. Flick left or right between profiles in your area
  5. Connect and motivate!

Once you connect with someone, why not organise a casual game of tennis, share skills, or tips with people you connect with, set up group chats, connect with a local to get their advice about tennis in the area – with FitFlick, the possibilities are endless once you find and connect with buddies through the app.

We hope this short and sweet article helped you understand FitFlick a little more and specifically, how you can use the app when it’s released to find your next awesome fitness buddy!

Psssst, here’s a sneak peek of our iOS App. Android is in development and we’ll be releasing them both near you very soon.

FitFlick – Connect & Motivate!

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