About FitFlick

This blog is dedicated to the website www.fitflick.ie

We are an exciting new startup in Dublin Ireland. Our goal is simple – connect like-minded people within the sports, health and fitness community here in Ireland and in the future, globally.
To do this we’re in the process of developing an application for both Android and iOS users. FitFlick will be an app that you can use to find and connect with people in your local area. You will be able to use FitFlick to also find fitness professional’s (e.g. personal trainers, coaches, yoga instructors etc) or even just fitness buddies.
Once you find a like-minded person, simply connect with them, chat, share progress or why not exercise together?

FitFlick: Connect & Motivate!

So, in this blog, we will deliver all the latest content in relevance to FitFlick and general information regarding sports, diets, health, and fitness as a way to lead you to a better lifestyle.

Connect with us on our social channels:

Follow us on social media Facebook, Instagram

Pre-register today: www.fitflick.ie/Register

Check us out on depop, why not look the part in one of our T’s.

Have any more questions, reach out to us at contact@fitflick.ie

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