Weight Management – Living a Healthy Life

A way to a long healthy life is being fit and in shape, but it’s not always possible and there are many who go through life feeling down because they have failed in this area. On the other hand, there are those who have managed to fight the battle of the bulge and get into shape following natural options. Eating the right kind of food, working out or exercising are simple ways to keep ourselves active and our body in good condition. Once we start ignoring our body, not only does weight add-on, but it brings along various other ailments like blood pressure, hypertension, and heart diseases making life difficult. Weight management is a major issue in today’s world where people live on fast foods. They don’t get the required amount of vitamins and so their immune system goes down. It is a conscious effort on the part of every individual to want to stay healthy and in good shape.

One important aspect to remember is that every person is different and so is their body composition. Some might be on the bigger side because of hormonal problems, for others, it could be eating disorder and some it could be hereditary. Before getting down to the process of how to keep one’s weight in control, the reasons behind the issue need to be analyzed. There are some who tend to turn towards food when they are angry or depressed, and so they need to control their emotions. If it is hormonal, then medication can be prescribed to help their body cope with the changes thereby curbing weight fluctuations and helping them maintain their weight. And if it is hereditary, exercises like aerobics, working out in the gym or even yoga can be options they need to explore to fight this.

Weight management involves a complete change in lifestyle, which includes eating habits at home, outside, other habits such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and tendency to eat more of fried foods. Once a person makes a note in their mind that they want to keep their weight at a certain level, and is determined to doing so, it becomes easy. Walking for at least 45minutes every day or working out in the gym for an hour are simple methods through which one can remain fit. For those who enjoy traveling, they should go on treks which mean fun plus physical activity.

Finding the motivation to make changes in your life, however, is not always easy. Here at FitFlick, our motto is to Connect & Motivate. One of the main uses of our app will be for people to connect with like-minded people. So if you’re looking for a jogging partner in your local area that is also perhaps looking to make life changes, connecting with them and perhaps jogging together can help you hugely in staying motivated and hitting your running or health targets. Jogging three to four times a week will take commitment. Sharing one or two of those jogs with a buddy will go a long way towards achieving your goals. So stay tuned for when we release our iOS and Android app. Download it when we launch and connect with people in your area.

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