FitFlick & Basketball – Part 5

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This is our fifth blog post in a special series where we share what FitFlick is and how you can use the app when we launch. This week we’re talking about FitFlick and Basketball!

Most people think that basketball is a relatively new sport in Ireland that was introduced to us as another “American sport”. The truth is actually completely opposite. Basketball is not a new import to this country but has actually been played here since the early 1920s when Sergeant Major Doogan first introduced the sport into the army. Initially, it was regarded as an auxiliary gymnasium exercise for boxers in training but before long it gained the status of a game in its own right and basketball has remained popular in the army ever since. Today, the sport has grown to include primary school, college, and national leagues.


That being said, basketball is mainly limited to being played solely in these teams, where outside of strict training regimes and officially organized game times, it can be difficult to play the game casually.  And by casually, we mean street ball or 2v2 – side games to the real thing. Much like football, or hurling where you can go for the kick/puck around in the park or at your local pitch, the same can’t be said for basketball.

It’s also not a case of no facilities, as there are ample sports halls around the country and often a local park has some hoops to play ball in. The issue seems to lie in the limited size of the basketball community as well as the scattered nature of it. Where here in Ireland you have a football team for nearly every town and village, you’d be hard pushed to find a similar number of basketball players let alone teams.

However, people are still interested in the sport and have the desire to simply play ball. Whether that be shooting some hoops or a friendly yet competitive game of 2v2, and for sure there’s someone closer than you think who’s interested in doing this. But how do you find these people with a like-minded interest in basketball? Well, that’s what we’ve created the FitFlick App for.

With FitFlick, we’re going to make the task of finding someone to play basketball with (or any other sport) as easy as flicking left or right. Set up your profile in seconds, and find a basketball or fitness buddy to train or practice with in no time. Connect with people you know have the same interests as you whether that be #basketball #running #tennis #cardio, whatever your sports and fitness interests are, you will be able to find like-minded people on FitFlick to connect, chat, share advice and even train with. Organise a casual game of basketball, share skills, or tips with people you connect with, set up group chats, connect with a local to get their advice about basketball in the area – with FitFlick, the possibilities are endless once you find and connect with buddies through the app.

We want to make it as simple and easy as possible to find like-minded people in your area. Setting up a profile is as simple as 1,2,3, with our integrated Facebook sign-up. The steps couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Download the FitFlick app
  2. Sign-up through Facebook
  3. Flick left or right
  4. Connect and motivate!

Sound interesting? Stay tuned here at FitFlick, we’re launching the app very soon. Here’s a sneak peek, *pre-alpha

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FitFlick – Connect & Motivate!

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