FitFlick & Fitness Professionals – Part 3

Here at FitFlick we want people to form meaningful relationships with their connections. That means connecting with like-minded fitness or sporting buddies but also having the option to easily connect with personal trainers and fitness professionals. So if for example, you're interests are #weights #cardio #bodybuilding #trx, we want to give you the option to … Continue reading FitFlick & Fitness Professionals – Part 3


FitFlick & Fitness Buddies – Part 1

Some people ask us here at FitFlick, what exactly are you guys trying to do? Who will use this app when it's released? Why should I download it? etc etc. So we're kicking off an extra blog part special in the run-up to when we release the app. In these blog posts, we'll be sharing … Continue reading FitFlick & Fitness Buddies – Part 1