FitFlick & Fitness Buddies – Part 1

Some people ask us here at FitFlick, what exactly are you guys trying to do? Who will use this app when it's released? Why should I download it? etc etc. So we're kicking off an extra blog part special in the run-up to when we release the app. In these blog posts, we'll be sharing … Continue reading FitFlick & Fitness Buddies – Part 1

What’s In A Good Diet?

This is the time of liposuction, botox treatment, face-lift, skin stretching, and other synthetic treatments to achieve a good-looking (and hopefully healthy) figure. However, the point to be taken seriously is that nothing, not even the said services worth thousands of dollars, can beat a good diet. A healthy combination of food provides a strong … Continue reading What’s In A Good Diet?

Dieting Success Tips… Continued

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•Eat your larger meals early and smaller meals later •Consider eating salmon or mackerel for breakfast •Use lettuce leaves instead of bread •Eat a fruit dessert •Get your fruit fresh not squeezed •Go easy on the meal replacements •If it sounds too good to be true it probably is •At the grocery store – shop the outer aisles •Invest in good cookbooks •Take a good multivitamin