FitFlick & Fitness Professionals – Part 3

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Here at FitFlick we want people to form meaningful relationships with their connections. That means connecting with like-minded fitness or sporting buddies but also having the option to easily connect with personal trainers and fitness professionals. So if for example, you’re interests are #weights #cardio #bodybuilding #trx, we want to give you the option to connect with personal trainers and professionals that offer services in those areas. So although you may want to find like-minded fitness buddies with those same interests, you can also connect with professionals too. Why might you want to do that? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Get Advice. By easily connecting with professionals, you can chat with them, ask them questions, gets tips, advice and more.
  2. Book a Class. Perhaps you’ve connected with a personal trainer and after asking them a few questions you feel they’re the right person to give you the help and training you need –  why not book a class with them.
  3. Learn More. There’s always new ways and techniques of doing workouts or various sports, following a professional and having a meaningful connection with them through FitFLick will keep you in the loop.
  4. Keep Motivated. Nothing motivates us more than seeing others in great shape or at a fitness level we dream to achieve. Follow their profile and progress to stay motivated.
  5. Unique Requirements. Having connected with a personal trainer through FitFlick you will be able to ask them about if they can help you with any unique requirements you may have.
  6. And A Whole Lot More. Download the FitFlick app when its released and get the most out of connecting with fitness or sporting professionals.


So we’ve spoken about why a regular user might use FitFlick and connected with fitness professionals through the app. But how some specific reasons and benefits for a fitness professional or personal trainer to use FitFlick:

  1. Find New Customers. As we mentioned above, regular users can use FitFlick to connect with professionals and ask for tips, advice or help. This is a great way to form a meaningful relationship with that person and possibly get them to book a session with you.
  2. Retain Current Customers. Having found a new customer through FitFlick, it will be a great app to help retain this customer for as long as possible. Stay connected, follow up after a training session, keep them motivated. Customer retention is easier with FitFlick.
  3. Improve Communication. FitFlick will be a social fitness app with a userbase of like-minded people. It makes sense to use it to communicate with people, prospective clients, and current clients through the app.
  4. Free Advertising. Who doesn’t love free advertising? Having a profile on FitFlick means you’re potential to get new clients is endless. It all depends on the effort you put in to connect with people. Thankfully we’ve made setting up a professional profile seamless and takes less than 5 minutes and of course is FREE.
  5. Location Based Searching. As the FitFlick app uses your current location to load profiles, the people you connect with are all within your local, depending on your distance settings. This makes turning them into clients a lot easier if they’re close to you!
  6. We’ll be constantly developing the app and creating new great features that will help personal trainers and professionals. One of our main focuses will be on helping you GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


So what professionals can use FitFlick? It’s not just limited to personal trainers. If you offer any kind of service within the health, fitness or sports industry, FitFlick will benefit you. Provide lessons in Yoga, Swimming, Nutrition, Weight Lifting, Zumba, Football, Tennis, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Kite Surfing, Bootcamps? The list is endless. If you need clients – FitFlick can help you get them.

We hope this short article helped you understand FitFlick a little more and specifically, how you can use the app when it’s released to set up your professional FitFlick profile and grow your business! Stay tuned!

Psssst, here’s a sneak peek of our app *pre-alpha

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