FitFlick & Fitness Buddies – Part 1

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Some people ask us here at FitFlick, what exactly are you guys trying to do? Who will use this app when it’s released? Why should I download it? etc etc. So we’re kicking off an extra blog part special in the run-up to when we release the app. In these blog posts, we’ll be sharing who FitFlick is aimed at and why you might want to download it when it’s released!

In this post, we’re talking about how FitFlick will be a great new way to find a fitness buddy. Why would you want a fitness buddy, check out our previous blog post on 10 Really Good Reasons to Get a Fitness or Sporting Buddy.


But overall, finding a fitness buddy is easier said than done. You may not live close to your friends or colleagues, or you may have moved city and don’t know many people around you yet. You may not know anyone with a similar lifestyle and goals as yourself, you may not know any people even interested in the same sports and activities as you. So you see, finding the right gym, fitness or sporting buddy is difficult.

What can you currently do? Walk up to someone in the gym and ask to train with them? – awkward! Google search fitness buddies? – doesn’t work! Find people through Facebook/Instagram? – if you have hours and hours. Overall finding a fitness buddy is really hard.

However, with FitFlick, we’re going to make the task of finding a fitness buddy as easy as flicking left and right. Set up your profile in seconds, and find a fitness buddy in no time. Connect with people you know have the same interests as you whether that be #gym #running #yoga #swimming, whatever your sports and fitness interests are, you will be able to find a like-minded person on FitFlick to connect, chat, share advice and even workout or train with.

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Setting up a profile is as simple as 1,2,3. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible by integrating Facebook sign-up. the steps couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Download FitFlick
  2. Sign-up through Facebook
  3. Flick left or right
  4. Connect and motivate!

Anyway, we hope this short and sweet article helped you understand FitFlick a little more and specifically, how you can use the app when it’s released to find your next awesome fitness buddy! Stay tuned, in our next post we’ll be getting sport specific!

Psssst, here’s a sneak peek of our app *pre-alpha

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