FitFlick – Social Fitness App is Open for Pre-registration.

FitFlick Social Fitness App

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Find Fitness Buddies in Your Local Area to Connect, Chat and Train With.

Our application is now open for pre-registration. FitFlick is a new app that will help people connect with like-minded people in their local area. Find your next fitness buddy on FitFlick. Whether you’re looking for a fellow fitness enthusiast, a gym partner, someone to jog with or even find health and fitness professionals; you will be able to use FitFlick and our intelligent matching algorithm to find whoever you want.

FitFLick uses location based search to find people around you easily. Refine your search to look for people with specific fitness traits and capabilities, things that can help you along your fitness journey.

In the true spirit of social fitness, you will be able to upload fitness images and videos to your profile. Keep updated on what your connections are doing and why not join them by uploading your own visual stories!

Form groups to connect with like-minded people. Group message and image upload. These can be your local gym goers, a yoga class, a sports club… the groups are endless. Together, using FitFlick we can create fitness communities in your local area.

Training or exercising with a friend or fitness buddy is known to have benefits, to name but a few:

  • Improved motivation
  • Fewer chances of quitting
  • Achieve goals faster
  • You’ll quit quitting!

Overall, with FitFlick we want people to connect, motivate and achieve their fitness goals! If any of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to sign up for our pre-registration and follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on our progress. We’re currently hard at work developing the app for both iOS and Android.

Pre-registration open –

Thanks for everyone’s support,

FitFlick Team 🙂

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