LifeLogging – Personal Big Data For Fitness/Health Tracking

Myth or truth?

We have recently observed a convergence of technologies to foster the emergence of lifelogging as a mainstream activity. Computer storage has become significantly cheaper, and advancements in sensing technology allows for the efficient sensing of personal activities, locations and the environment.


Who lifelogs and why ?

As with any new technology, there are pioneers of lifelogging like those mentioned in §1.2, and there are early adopters who take lifelogging into new applications. These applications exhibit the main advantage of concentrating on better understanding of an individual’s life interactions, not just their activities on social media or their past search behaviour on electronic commerce sites or search engines.

Current lifelogging device out there that can help you with your fitness ?

  • Amiigo – Wristband and shoe sensor that work together to track personal activity with the ability to differentiate between types of activities
  • Autographer – A high-end wearable camera for lifelogging
  • Automatic – Tracks your driving and helps you make small changes in your driving habits based on the data
  • Basis – Stylish device that looks like a watch and tracks workouts, heart-rate, and sleep and provides on online health dashboard

lifelogging & Fitness

A growing number of people own wearable activity trackers like Nike’s FuelBand,Fitbit or the Jawbone UP, and team these with fitness and diet apps likeMyFitnessPal or RunKeeper to monitor their efforts to stay in shape  and in future they’ll be able to use WellnessTech as a means of lifelogging . Some apps –Moves being one example – are extending to other forms of data. Moves doesn’t just know how many steps you’ve taken in a day, but also where you’ve been – an accidental journal, of sorts.

Future of lifelogging for WellnessTech?

  • Predicting health
  • knowing your performance on a going trend
  • Know exactly how Fit you were and how fit you may become in a year



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